Enjoy amazing views at Churchill Falls in Labrador

Enjoy amazing views at Churchill Falls in Labrador

If you are an adventure lover, then Churchill Falls, Labrador holidays will cast a spell on you. Churchill Falls is a scenic locale that lies atop the Churchill River in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Since the waters of this river are diverted to the hydro electric station, the waterfalls remain virtually dry.

Things to do/Attractions in Churchill Falls, Labrador

Hydro Electric Power Station

The Churchill Falls hydro electric power station is really worth a visit here. This power station is the second biggest under ground power station in the entire world and produces nearly 1% of the total world’s capacity of hydro electric power. The fresh water reservoirs created by this power plant is home to several rare species of fish namely pike, trout and others. This has made Churchill Falls a hotspot among anglers and sport fisherman. The Churchill Falls Inn conducts free tours in and around the plant during the morning, noon and evening for the benefit of tourists. 

The Hydro electric power complex goes 1000 ft underground and comprises of a powerhouse, a surge chamber, eleven penstocks, race tunnels and a transformer gallery. The underground power station contains 11 generating units and is one of the biggest in the world. The water control buildings and the entire facility are manned by four men who work in a computer room. Churchill Falls, Labrador holidays will be complete only by paying a visit to this massive building.

Wildlife Viewing

As part of their holidays to Churchill Falls, Labrador, tourists can see and enjoy several rare species of wildlife in such as beavers, caribou, black bears and more. Temperatures in Churchill Falls range from 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer season and fall to as low as -20 during the winter season.

Accommodation/Food options

Enjoy amazing views at Churchill Falls in LabradorTourists including fishermen stay at any one of the fishing or hunting lodges in the Churchill Falls neighborhood. There are only very few lodging options in this scenic locale. The Churchill Falls Inn shares its premises with a grocery store, a post office, a high school and a movie theater. The Churchill Falls Inn is by far the only reasonable place for stay in this remote area and comprises of 21 rooms that includes a lounge/bar, a dining room, private bath, TV and room service. Restaurant/food options are also few here and many tourists prefer to do their own cooking during their sojourn to this place.

You should make your hotel/inn booking in advance to enjoy a hassle free holiday at Churchill Falls, Labrador. Do not forget to take your video camera along on your trip. The place offers some stunning scenery and you can capture the same to share it with your friends and relatives back home soon after your return from a memorable Churchill Falls, Labrador holiday.

Reaching Churchill Falls, Labrador

The best way to reach Churchill Falls is through the Trans-Labrador Highway. This amazing locale lies just 150 miles from Labrador City or 180 miles from Happy Valley-Goose Bay. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable Churchill Falls, Labrador holiday!